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Each Enclave person has an absolute legal right to produce 1/2 child (provided they are married to someone who also has a right to produce 1/2 child). If a couple wants more children but has insufficient rights, they may pay a fee to enroll on a waiting list to have another child. The fee increases exponentially with the number of children. Widows/widowers have an absolute right to 1 child upon remarriage, if they had 0 or 1 children when the spouse died. Divorcees do not receive this benefit. Upon the death of a child who has not yet reproduced, the right to produce 1/2 child returns to each of the parents. Rights to produce children are occasionally transferred, by approval of the Fertility Committee; usually an unmarried or infertile person transfers their right to a close relative. Selling rights to children is forbidden. A right to 1/2 or 1 child is rarely granted to someone who has performed a great service to the Enclave (though never to current Council members.)

The druids of the Shrine to Obad-Hai track all births and deaths, and manipulate the waiting list to maintain the current population balance among the races. There is also an element of chance to the ordering of the waiting list. If a couple becomes unable to produce children (through death, divorce, or aging) before their names come up on the waiting list, their fee is refunded. Most families have one or two children; three children are uncommon, and four is rare. The druids report and confer with the Enclave Council.

Before puberty, each Enclave resident has a spell cast upon them by druids at the Shrine to Obad-Hai that causes reversible infertility. This occasion is an important rite of passage for young people. When they wish to have children, a couple returns to the Shrine to Obad-Hai to have the spell removed. This is often done as part of the wedding; at other times, removal of the spell is usually followed by a small celebration with friends and family (usually including plenty of suggestive jokes and 'encouragements').

Attempts to circumvent the reversible infertility spell are punished by a more powerful and permanent infertility spell.

The different Enclave 'races' are actually separate species and cannot interbreed, except for half-orcs and humans, because half-orcs are mostly human with some orcish traits. Cross-species marriages are rare; however, these families often raise children through surrogacy or adoption. The Fertility Committee sometimes bends its rules to facilitate childbearing by these families.