Church of Yondalla

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The Church of Yondalla is a large burrow under a hill near the Warriors' Guild. Its spacious (for halflings) sanctuary is paneled with light-colored wood, and it is beautifully illuminated by numerous stained-glass skylights. It's uncommon (although permitted) for people larger than halflings or gnomes to enter, since the doors are small and the hallway ceilings are low. Larger passers-by often stop to appreciate the singing of the halflings during services; the high-pitched singing and piping within the large sanctuary produces a remarkable resonant effect when heard from outside.

On the crest of the hill, there is a brightly painted life-size clay statue of Yondalla walking while sowing grain. The hill is also carefully gardened with all manner of vegetables and flowers. Small apartments for priests of Yondalla are burrowed into the hill also; each apartment has its own exit to the outside, but also connects directly to the sanctuary of the church. A few halfling-size quarters for healing patients are dug into the hill also. A wooden building that is partly built into the hillside and has a rooftop garden provides space for larger citizens in need of healing, as well as a public kitchen and dining hall where simple but nourishing fare is available to all comers each Treday.

Followers of Yondalla consider it a religious duty to assist fellow citizens with farming and gardening, and to feed the needy.