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There are organized temples to Pelor, god of the sun, Yondalla, goddess of halflings, Obad-Hai, god of nature, Moradin, god of dwarves, and Garl Glittergold, god of gnomes. All of these temples have over a thousand members and a substantial priesthood. Some powerful clerics are found in apparently humble positions. Clerics of all these religions are actively involved in supporting the community and providing healing to those who need it; donations are expected based on an informal sliding scale. Nearly all clerics have another job (often farming or a craft) in addition to their holy duties.

Despite the fact that Yondalla, Moradin, and Garl Glittergold are primarily geared toward halflings, dwarves, and gnomes respectively, each god has some adherents (and a few clerics) outside of their normal race. There are human followers of all 5 principal gods, but Pelor is most popular among humans. Half-orcs usually follow Moradin or Pelor. Gruumsh, the orcish god, is commonly regarded as an adversary by all Enclave religions.

A few other gods have some scattered followers and small shrines, but lack a priesthood. Kord (the god of strength) is also popular with many half-orcs, as well as members of the Warriors' Guild; there is a shrine to Kord at the Hot Springs. A few mages follow Boccob (the god of magic) exclusively, and most other mages pay lip service; there is a shrine to Boccob at the Mages' Guild. Small shrines to a few other minor gods are scattered throughout the Enclave, some of them in disrepair and mostly forgotten.

Game mechanics

Clerics must have at least 1 level of Power Investiture (PI) and the incumbent vow (B77). Religious vows can be changed from time to time, as long as the point cost is the same (I'm tired of this vow of silence and want a vow of charity instead), but roleplay a good reason for the change. For spell selection treat PI as Magery minus 1 for guidance on spell selection. (i.e If a spell would require Magery 0, it can be selected with PI 1.)

Spells are granted directly from the patron god. The only prerequisites to worry about are a) magery restrictions as mentioned above, and b) if a prerequisite spell requires a certain level of magery, that carries over. Roleplay spell choice also; it is unlikely for young clerics to be granted powerful spells to use at will (but with proper need, the deity may allow it). Learning spells still costs character points (although deities might sometimes grant particularly pious clerics a spell temporarily for a specific purpose).

Enclave clerics can choose schools of spells according to their deity, up to 4 different schools (they need not all be chosen when the character is created). Clerics need not know spells from all 4 of their schools. Although most clerics know some Healing spells, this is not a requirement. If a cleric has 4 or fewer spells in a 'Available' school but wants to change schools, they may abandon that school, recover the character points spent on the spells, switch to a new school, and buy new spells using the same number of character points (this requires at least a month of full-time study and prayer per new spell). Once a cleric has 5 or more spells in a chosen school, it cannot usually be changed.

Deity Preferred Schools Available Schools
Garl Glittergold (gnomish god) Healing, Illusion & Creation, Mind Control Any school except Gate, Necromantic, and Technological
Moradin (dwarven god) Healing, Making & Breaking, Earth Knowledge, Light & Darkness, Protection & Warning, or Water
Obad-Hai (god of nature; druids) Healing, Animal, Plant Air, Earth, Food, Knowledge, Water, or Weather
Pelor (sun god) Healing, Light & Darkness, Protection & Warning Air, Fire, Illusion & Creation, Knowledge, or Weather
Yondalla (halfling god) Healing, Plant Communication & Empathy, Earth, Food, Illusion & Creation, Knowledge, Making & Breaking, Protection & Warning, Water, or Weather
Gruumsh (orcish god; not available to PCs nor worshipped in the Enclave) Healing, Plant Healing, Earth, Fire, Necromantic

Healing is a preferred school for all clerics. The Knowledge school is also available to clerics of all 5 of the Enclave deities, since gods are very knowledgeable.

Clerics are not considered Mages for the purpose of determining who can use a magic items. Clerics are the only persons that can use holy items as created by their orders/deities. Clerics may further be restricted from using magic items that are inconsistent with their faith or schools of magic at the GM's discretion.