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As is common to many fantasy campaigns, dwarves are the workhorses of the economy when it comes to raw resources. Though they exist in numbers on par with both humans and halflings, the effort of dwarves account for most of the input of stone, metal, and coal into the economy of the Enclave. They also do a great deal of building and engineering, and produce substantial amounts of food also.


Most dwarves reside in caverns burrowed into the mountains bounding the Enclave to the north. Here is where they spend most of their time. There are those dwarves that mingle freely with the surface world and those that prefer never to see the light of day. Few dwarves set up permanent residence in surface cities/towns, though it is not unheard of. Most that set up such households are superior craftspeople who have a large customer base on the surface.

Dwarves who live primarily belowground pay little attention to day and night, stopping to sleep whenever they feel tired. Undertown, being almost exclusively dwarvish, is active at a constant level regardless of the hour of the day. However, dwarves living aboveground tend to sleep at night like other races.

Almost all dwarves speak both the Dwarvish and Common languages, although they are not necessarily fluent in both.

Game Mechanics


Dwarf [23]


  • HT +1 [10]
  • ST +1 [10]

Secondary characteristics:

  • -1 Basic Move [-5]
  • +2 FP [6]
  • Size -1 [0]
    • dwarves are shorter than humans, but stockier, so weight is unchanged
  • +1 Will [5]


  • Extended Lifespan 1 [2]
  • Infravision [10]
  • Resistant, to all poisons (common class of threats, +3 to HT rolls) [5]
  • Talent (Dwarf) [10] +1 skills below:
    • Architecture
    • Armoury
    • Geology
    • Masonry
    • Mechanic
    • Profession (Miner)
    • Prospecting
    • Melee Weapon (impact weapons)

Disadvantages (Choose at least -30 pts):

  • Alcoholism [-15]
  • Bad Temper [-10]
  • Code of Honor [-5, -10, -15]
  • Duty [variable]
  • Greed [-15]
  • Incurious [-5]
  • Obsession [-5, -10]
  • Odious Personal Habits [-5, -10, -15]
  • Sense of Duty (close friends) [-5]
  • Stubbornness [-5]
  • Vow [-5, -10, -15]