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Fredegar is something of a misfit, although a friendly and likable one. He is tan and chubby, with brown curly hair. He is rather quick, both physically and mentally. He has a relentlessly curious personality to match. He is willing & eager to talk with nearly anyone about nearly anything. Despite his intelligence, he sometimes takes things on without thinking them through. Unusually for halflings, he is a follower of Garl Glittergold.

As a young halfling he sneaked out of the Enclave a few times on the heels of hunting parties. Several not-quite-disastrous solo excursions have taught him some basic survival lessons, such as the usefulness of cold-weather gear, how to catch fish without falling in, the proper way to behave around bees, which mushrooms to avoid, and how to escape after being captured by orcs. He always seems to retain his zest for exploration after convalescence, though.

Fredegar is devoted to his parents, Otho and Freda. In contrast to their son, they lead a calm life running a small, marginally profitable shop that weaves blankets and rugs. He brings some money home by taking odd jobs with just about anyone doing just about anything. Though Fredegar and his parents don't quite understand each other's motivations, they are close anyhow.

Due to his tendency to stick his nose in just about anything, Fredegar is known to people in all areas of Enclave society, from the dwarven catacombs to the farmers & shopkeepers to the small bands of rangers & hunters. He annoys a few folks (partly due to occasional pranks), but most people are happy to have him around. He is poorly regarded by the Warriors' Guild due to accidentally setting the roof on fire with a homemade toy hot air balloon; this caused serious damage, and he was unable to help repair it due to his phobia of heights and his lack of money.

Lately Fredegar has successfully pestered Camwyn Tackfitter, a mage on the Council, into taking him as a student. This is despite the disapproval of his parents (who justly fear that he may blow up the family home as part of a misguided magical experiment).

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