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Half-Orc Barbarian who was part of the original expedition from the Enclave. He fell in battle, being one of the first casualties of the new era of exploration.

Grubwar was in the unique position of being brought in from the outside world by the Enclave Watch. He was thereby adopted by a local blacksmith. Grubwar became a moderately skilled smith in his formative years. He had an unmatched pride in his abilities to create tools and weapons. His pride was so strong that he refused to use gear manufactured by anyone else. He would only use other gear until he could find time to create a suitable replacement on his own. Grubwar was always trying to push his tools and weapons on to other members of his expedition. Grubwar would, much to his comrades dismay, often use a self-crafted dagger to battle the foes on hand than a more suitable battle-axe of impeccable dwarven make.

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Character Sheet Extraction

[remove this data when it all has been incorporated in the narrative. This record is simply to preserve the data as the character sheet is damaged]

Grubwar the half-orc barbarian.

alignment: NG level: 2 (12486 xp) a 15 y/o male standing 6'5" at 245 lbs with a relatively fair complexion (for a half-orc) and black eyes dominant hand: right He was once of the Tooth-Claw Clan before being rescued by the first expedition out. He was a slow and deliberate thinker. He was not the smartest fellow, but had fair insight on simple issues. str 19 des 14 con 13 int 3 wis 11 cha 5

hp 23


  • uncanny dodge
  • weapon focus - great axe
  • improved initiative
  • simple weapon proficiency
  • martial weapon proficiency
  • barbarian rage

Adventure gear:

  • chain mail
  • great axe
  • battle axe
  • assorted daggers

--inventory sheet is missing, more gear not noted. Skills also not listed in full. Need bring these details up by memory, finding the sheet, or making things up and chalking it up to the vagaries of legend!