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Half-orcs are a small minority in the Enclave. They are reasonably well-respected, although a small amount of bigotry toward them remains (mostly by dwarves).

Occasionally, half-orc slave escapees found by foraging parties have been given asylum in the Enclave. They are valuable sources of information about orcish ways, and have been interviewed with interest by the Enclave Council.

Half-orcs have low fertility, but are not sterile. Half-orcs can breed to produce more half-orcs. Half-orc families typically have 1 or 2 children as a result of low fertility and shorter life-span. They also sometimes marry and interbreed with humans; these unions are more fertile, though orcish/human characteristics of the children are highly variable. Most of the Enclave half-orcs have lived within the Enclave for generations.



Half-orcs hold an annual festival to commemorate the entry of their ancestors into the Enclave in the year 6457 and their gratitude to the Enclave, as well as to express their pride in their race. The activities take place at the Arena over a full 24 hours, and they include a commemoration of their former slavery under the orcs, speeches, athletic contests, and free food. All are welcome to come and go as they please during the festival day, though only about 5-10% of the Enclave population attends some portion of the festivities.

Half-orcs often, but not always, can speak some of the Orcish language in addition to Common.

History as Slaves

It seems apparent from The Enclave's half-orc population that orcs maintain a population of half-orcs as slave labor. It may be that these poor souls are all that remain outside of the Enclave of the human civilization before it fell; descendants of illegitimate offspring from the sacking of the world. Their population is not great, and orcs treat their slaves brutally.

Game Mechanics

Half-Orc [15]

Attribute Modifiers:

  • ST +4 [+40]
  • IQ -1 [-20]

Secondary Characteristics:

  • PER +1 [5]


  • Night Vision 5 [5]
  • Teeth (sharp teeth) [1]


  • Appearance, Ugly [-8] (to Enclave races and orcs)
  • Bad Temper [-10]


  • Rudimentary Orcish (Language: Orc - Broken written/spoken) [2]


  • Gray cast to skin

Game considerations

This is a guideline to work from. Modify to fit the image of your character you have. This is a baseline for the stereotypical half-orc. PCs are not the stereotype, but extraordinary examples of race and profession. Any amount of orc blood in your character could make her/him a half-orc. It need not be near 50% as given by the name. This gives much latitude to the player to make the character he/she wishes. Maybe a human with off-color skin makes it a half-orc. Maybe great grand uncle's over-sized lower canine is all you can show of your orc blood. Maybe your character is nearly all orc and resembles the orc template physically, but has developed more human culture and sensibilities. Play with it and have fun!