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Halflings are one of the three most populous races of the Enclave. They abound in nearly the same numbers as dwarves and humans. They work in nearly all sectors of the economy, though they tend toward agriculture, shopkeeping and craftsmanship. They are about half the height of humans and a quarter the weight, and they have a reputation for loving peace and comfort. However, members of the other Enclave races can be surprised by how tough and perseverant halflings can be.



Halflings are as adaptive as humans and in many ways more so. They are generalist as a population, but maintain a culture and world view that is their own. Halflings can be found living among all the other races finding homes where they fit in socially, physically, or both. While their interaction with other races is pervasive, they retain their own cultural identity, emphasizing farming, food, family, fine craftsmanship, cooperation, and fealty to Yondalla. They remain ardently and obviously very halfing!

Rooftop gardening competitions are frequently held in the halfling community, with as much emphasis on efficiency and productivity as beauty. Maximizing pounds of vegetables per pound of soil is a particularly stiff area of competition. The desire of the halflings to use this roof space has greatly influenced the architecture throughout the Enclave. Halflings from centuries past and into the present worked hard with dwarven architects to design buildings that would endure this hobby. Therefore halflings often have burrows under human, gnomish, or half-orc houses, or live on a half-height 2nd floor of a house, and intensively garden the yards or roofs of those houses.

Halflings that choose to live in burrows often consider themselves to be traditionalists and more 'halfling' than those halflings that live more intimately with humans and other races. However, halflings seldom choose to live among dwarves, preferring to spend plenty of time outside among sun and plants during the day, and snug in their cozy rooms at night.

Halflings are often peacemakers in disputes, and frequently come up with clever ways to help differing parties mend disagreements. Tavernkeepers are a bit more relaxed with several halflings in their bar (as long as they aren't drinking too much; merrymaking halflings tend more toward pranksterism or sheer loudness than belligerence).

Game Mechanics

Halfling [15]


  • ST -3 [-30] (PCs) ST -5 [-50] (everyday halflings)
  • DX +1 [20]
  • HT +1 [10]

Secondary Characteristics:

  • Size -2 [0]
  • HP +2 [4]
  • Basic Move -2 [-10]


  • Acute Hearing +2 [4]
  • Luck (Defensive) [12] (reroll a single bad die roll twice & take best, once per hour of play)
    • Only aids vs defense rolls, resistance rolls, or HT rolls to resist the effects of injury, or to make an opponent reroll a critical hit against you.
  • Talent (Halfling) [5] +1 skills below:
    • Jumping
    • Stealth
    • Throwing
    • Gardening
    • Cooking

Game Considerations

This is pulled from the description of Halflings per D&D 3rd Ed. I matched the 2/3 movement ratio. I chose Throwing +1 over Thrown Weapons, as it was more in the spirit of the descriptor. The saving throw bonus was replaced by Luck (Defensive). Please review and recommend modifications based on the spirit of the Halfling.