Neria Buroick

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You can call Neria one of the boys. Neria isn't like most girls, she doesn't slave away the day doing chores. You can find Neria at the archery range or out riding in the woods. Neria grew up not knowing her parents. At a young age, Neria learned how to hunt, prepare her own food, and how to weave her own clothes and blankets. Neria usually sleeps in a stable. She sells skins that she gets from her kill. Neria could not go to school. She learned most of what she knows from the village and from her fellow hunters. Neria is learning spells from a mage in the Enclave. Neria wears dresses when work allows it, but she mainly wears dark brown tunics with black leggings and her hunting boots. Neria also fishes for food and money. She has not found interest in starting a family because of her youth and her lack of money. When Neria lived in the orphanage, she didn't know her parents, so she didn't know her last name. She took the last name 'Buroick' after her favorite horse at the stables.

Neria is short and light for a human, though she is stronger than she looks. She has brown hair, often highlighted with green.