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Orcs are mean, and nasty, and ugly, and gray. They are strong and fast, and not to be trifled with. Orcish warriors are substantially larger and stronger than most humans. They speak Orcish and a few of them can even read and write it.

Although they are somewhat intelligent and social tool-users, they breed and mature rapidly and have a high mortality rate because they often fight lethally with one another. However, when a strong orcish leader arises, they can sometimes form large armies. Orcs are omnivorous, but prize meat above all other foods. They are not picky at all about where the meat comes from. They tend to live in mountain tunnels, like dwarves.

They are largely nocturnal, and prefer to sleep in caverns or burrows, although their large size means that tunneling is difficult for them.


Game Mechanics

Orc [15]


  • ST +5 [+50]
  • IQ -1 [-20]

Secondary Characteristics:

  • PER +1 [5]


  • Infravision [10]
  • Teeth (Lower canines protrude and push over top upper lip) [2]


  • Short Lifespan [-1]
  • Light Sensitivity 1 (-1 to Weapon skill rolls, Only under direct sunlight, -30%) [-3]
  • Callous [-5]
  • Sadism [-15]
  • Intolerance (elves and dwarves) [-5]
  • Languages Orc (Native,Illiterate)[-3]