Temple of Pelor

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The Temple of Pelor is a circular roofless structure built of stone, with ranks of bleachers surrounding a grassy lawn. The outside is covered with an abstract mosaic in brilliant yellows, oranges, and reds, invoking flame and rays of light. Music, song, and dance is an important part of worship; performers leap and spin energetically over the lawn.

Clerics of Pelor live in ordinary houses not far from the temple. A large marble annex to the temple serves as a clinic, with some hospital beds for invalids. It is the largest and best-staffed clinic in the Enclave. There is a well-kept lawn and garden outside where convalescing citizens are often brought by the healers for sun and fresh air. Healing services are available to the general community (and particularly members of the nearby Warriors' Guild), whether they follow Pelor or not.