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The main desk of the crib is located in the basement of the Magical Library, in a cavern hewn directly into veined black marble. The magical item storage area is through a magically locked door behind the desk. It's usually staffed by at least two elderly but capable mages who are usually poring over magical tomes when they aren't helping customers. The room is brightly lit, and there are several peeling posters on the walls that exhort people to take good care of borrowed items.

The staff frequently loans minor magical items to citizenry, particularly if the item is useful to their work. They may need a few days to confer before loaning a medium-strength item. If the item is needed for a project for the good of the Enclave, or to assist a poorer citizen, it is often loaned free of charge. If the item is needed for a profit-making enterprise (such as a task mage contract or a foraging party), rent is charged, generally about 1/20 of the market value of the item.

Anything particularly powerful always requires special dispensation from the Enclave Council, which can sometimes take weeks to get. Citizens who try to bribe Crib staff immediately become the target of an uncomfortable spell.

If a valuable item is lost or broken, fines or other punishments are usually imposed. These would be waived if the item was specifically loaned for a complicated or dangerous purpose that was particularly important to the Enclave, in the judgement of the Enclave Council.

Easy-to-borrow items

  • Certain wands/rings/objects containing practical low-level spells (e.g., Continual Light, Might, Vigor, Preserve Food, Mature, Find Direction, Slow Fall, Seek/Purify Food/Water, Rejoin, Hawk Vision, Watchdog, Lighten Burden, Haste, Measurement, Shape Earth)
  • Mildly enchanted tools (picks & shovels, rope, agricultural implements)
  • Most items costing ~60 energy or less to create
  • Expendable items for sale (not rent); can be returned for a refund if unused
    • +1 damage or +1 accuracy missile weapon ammo
    • +1 talismans
  • etc.

Medium items - need a strong justification to borrow

  • Bags/pouches of holding (i.e., containers with the Hideaway enchantment)
  • +1 or +2 DR armor (not necessarily available in the desired size, although some magically fit the wearer)
  • items that aid with stealth/concealment
  • Amulets (non-expendable protection against certain spells or hazards)
  • etc.

Powerful items - seldom loaned

  • anything containing spells requiring Magery 2 or >4 prerequisites,
  • anything that gives a large combat advantage (e.g., +1 or +2 melee weapons)
  • greatly enhances skills/abilities
  • anything irreplaceable given current magical knowledge
  • etc.