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The Enclave is apparently the last stronghold of humanity, at least as far as any person within The Enclave knows. There has not been contact with any outside humans in an untold number of generations. The Enclave is a large area surrounded by high cliffs and mountains on all sides. The Enclave is elevated within this range of mountains. A fair descent is required through a single long and fortified passage to the outside, which is sealed by a huge magically reinforced gate that looks like blank stone on the outside.


The Enclave has sufficient resources and space to maintain its isolated population indefinitely, if not entirely comfortably. There are many thousands of densely packed people living there, including humans, halflings, gnomes, and a few half-orcs. Dwarves are part of the Enclave, but remain somewhat separated, tunneling in caverns behind the cliffs. Gnomes bridge the gap somewhat between the dwarves and the rest of the enclave, residing both in & out of the caverns. Though other races are free to enter the caverns, most do not. The overall population totals roughly 20,000, with about 28% humans, 28% dwarves, and 28% halflings, with about 14% gnomes and 2% half-orcs. Fertility is restricted due to limited space and resources; birth control is nearly always used (but sometimes must be enforced).

Population centers are called 'towns' belowground and 'villes' aboveground. For example, Northville is near a cliff to the north of the Enclave Watchtower, and Northville adjoins the Hot Springs, Temple of Pelor, Church of Yondalla, and the the Warriors' Guild, and is also close to the belowground Clifftown.

A nearly completely contained economy operates (though foraging parties have begun to gather food and wood from the nearby surroundings). The Enclave encloses enough land to raise sufficient crops and livestock for food, and water is obtained from several springs (including hot springs). Agriculture is limited (many areas get only a few hours of sun daily due to the high cliffs), but plants have been bred to survive in these conditions, and the dwarven catacombs supply huge amounts of a nutritious but bland fungus. Moderate supplies of metals and minerals are also mined by the dwarves, and other races do much of the manufacturing and crafting to produce finished goods. Life is spartan; people have enough to eat and are healthy, but must work hard, leaving little time and resources for art or luxuries. Nearly everything is reused or recycled. Even human waste is composted and used to fertilize farmland (citizens are paid for waste they bring to a composter).

The Enclave is governed by a council of 12 prominent citizens, including a few reasonably powerful mages and clerics. However, the mages have less power and experience than those in generations past. They retain some magical artifacts, but can only create minor magic items.


Enclave map
65% Agrarian use
15% Woodland
10% Plains/Prarie
10% Densly Urban

The Enclave occupies a wide valley surrounded by high mountains on all sides. The only exit is through the Great Gate, which is heavily guarded and seldom used. The valley is approximately 4.5 miles wide by 11 miles long. The River runs through the valley from east to west. The relatively level and fertile ground around the River is mostly occupied by farmland, which accounts for about 65% of the land area. Buildings, shops, and clusters of houses are scattered throughout; farmers tend to live near their cultivated lands. Roads are paved with flagstones and are well-maintained. The River winds about 2/3 of the way around a hill near the center of the Enclave. That hill is occupied by the Enclave Watchtower, which can survey nearly all of the Enclave. Slopes and foothills around the edges of the Enclave are relatively undeveloped, though forestry occurs on the Pine Slope and hunting occurs in other wildlands.

Why leave the refuge?

It is unclear what caused humans, halflings, and other races to hide away in the enclave. Some speculate that wars or disasters within the Enclave community destroyed this knowledge. Powerful spells have kept the Enclave protected and isolated from the rest of the world for centuries. However, these spells seem to be wearing off, and the Enclave may soon rejoin the wider world again. The governing council needs adventurers to scout the outside world, so that the people can prepare to safely rejoin it. Some residents of the Enclave have left in the past, but few have returned. Outside are large, wild expanses of deciduous woodland with abundant game. The existence of a vast sea is known from books but has never been seen.

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Orcs are common and are sometimes well-organized. There seem to be several different communities of them. They appear to be ignorant of the existence of the Enclave.

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There is a clearing in the woods where an underground entrance is found. Undead lurk there.

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