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The Enclave Council is a governing body that discusses and votes on laws and other collective action. It is composed of 12 citizens who serve for 6-year staggered terms; there is an Enclave-wide vote every year, usually to choose 1 or 2 council members. Councilmembers are limited to 2 terms, except the Head and the Watchmaster.

The "Head" is the head councilmember. He/she gets an additional vote, but only if there's a tie; he/she also presides over discussion, and has some power to control debate. The Head is elected by Enclave-wide vote from among the currently serving councilmembers. The winning candidate then begins a new 6-year term as Head, regardless of the number of years served in the first term. The term that a Head served before becoming Head is not counted for the purpose of term limits; therefore, a councilmember who has been a Head may serve for up to 18 years.

The Watchmaster is always on the Council, and can serve any number of terms. No Head can ever become the Watchmaster, and no Watchmaster can ever become the Head. The current Watchmaster is Harris Greymane.

Most councilmembers are respectable, though occasionally a demagogue or a reactionary makes it into the Council. Any councilmember can be expelled, and a special election called, if at least 10 of the 12 councilmembers vote for expulsion. The citizenry can also expel councilmembers by circulating a petition for a special election, though this has not happened for at least a century.

Two days per tenday (usually Fifday and Hinday) are 'council days', when the council meets publicly for 6 hours in the Council Hall to hold discussions and to vote on significant Enclave governance issues. Other citizens are often requested to brief the Council at these times. The councilmembers devote other days to factfinding for future council days, as well as their regular jobs.