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The Enclave Watch is a combination police force and civil defense force, which is organized militarily. Individual Watch members are called officers. Senior officers oversee at least one unit (usually 24 officers) and have the title "Sir". The Watch is generally respected and is thought of as a good career path, although a vocal minority of the Enclave citizens sees the Watch as superfluous, given the isolation and strong protections surrounding the Enclave.

The Watch effectively trains its officers in combat (physical & magical), police work, sentry duty, and other associated disciplines. Officers are always armed, usually with ordinary but good-quality clubs, staffs, or daggers; they have swords and bows also, but these are not carried during ordinary police work. Senior officers always carry a sword and a missile weapon (bow, crossbow, or sling); often these are enchanted. Many officers are also members of the Warriors' Guild, where Watch training sessions often take place. Officers generally wear studded leather armor, sometimes with a helmet; senior officers always have a helmet, and usually lightly enchanted armor. The Watch has special access to weaponsmiths, armorsmiths, and task mages, and is legally required to purchase and maintain twice as much equipment as is needed for the officers it employs. Thus any new hire in the Watch can usually be fully equipped immediately, especially since a subset of the surplus armor carries the Adjustable Clothing enchantment.

All races are represented in the ranks of the Watch, though there are relatively few halflings or gnomes. There is a large semiautonomous dwarven unit which primarily polices belowground. It is led by Sir Egar Macewielder.

There is also a large group of 'Reserve Officers' who can be called up for extra civil defense capacity. They participate in training and exercises a few times a year and receive a small stipend. Reserve Officers include citizens of all races and professions.

The head of the Watch is known as the Watchmaster, who always has a seat on the Enclave Council. This post is held by a fiftyish human named Sir Harris Greymane.