The Great Gate

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The Great Gate is the only connection between the Enclave and the outside world.


Located on the south wall of [the Enclave]]. To leave, a large and securely barred gate is opened, and the party walks down a wide, twisty, sloping passage with extremely high, sheer walls. There are tunnels and openings along the sides of the passage to allow ambushes and traps by defenders. The passage also has several blind alleys, such that finding the way downward is simple, but when climbing upward, the proper route is not obvious.

At the bottom of the passage is an even stronger gate cloaked by an illusion that causes it to resemble a rockface from the outside, even when open. From the inside, the illusion is transparent. The Great Gate opens out onto a large clearing.

In several areas on the cliff surrounding the Great Gate, there are lookout posts that are concealed by illusion in the same way as the Gate. These posts are constantly manned by members of the Enclave Watch, equipped with spyglasses and wands of invisibility. If a citizen desires to reenter, he makes a complex signal with his hands (which is changed periodically). If he does it correctly, the sentries turn him invisible, he crosses the clearing, and reenters. The invisibility is automatically dispelled once he is a few steps inside the gate. He is then detained and questioned briefly by at least two senior guards before proceeding.

The gates and passage are wide enough for two large wagons to pass side-by-side. The gates also have smaller doors in them so that they need not be opened fully if only individuals desire to pass.

From within the Enclave, the approach to the Great Gate is on a causeway through the Marsh. The causeway makes a few abrupt turns, and can be breached to force any invaders who make it through the Great Gate to pass through the Marsh. There are also two Long Tunnels from the Great Gate running northward underneath the Enclave which connect to the Dwarven Catacombs.