The Hot Springs

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The hot springs are a large series of geothermally heated pools and waterfalls that issue from a crack in a cliff. Bards are often here, playing gentle music (with their hats out to collect a few coins). Some pools are in full sun, and others are shaded by large trees. Several pools are sheltered inside a cavern, for the comfort of dwarves, and they are accessible via tunnels. Near the outlet of the hot springs, there are some pools and troughs for laundering clothes in the warm water. The water also flows away to fields for irrigation.

The populace makes general use of the hot springs for bathing & relaxation after hard work. They are also recommended as a cure for many ailments. A cleric is often present to provide additional healing; the various religions take turns assigning clerics to the hot springs. Farmers, members of the Warriors' Guild, and the Enclave Watch use the springs especially often.

There is a small shrine to Kord, the god of strength, here, although Kord is not followed in any organized way. The shrine consists of a wooden gazebo shading a 3' high marble carving of Kord wrestling an ox. The shrine is well-maintained by occasional worshippers.