The Warriors' Guild

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The Warriors' Guild is more like a competitive association rather than a true guild, given the isolation of the Enclave. Members are expected to contribute to the guild in money, materials, or labor, though there are no fixed dues. The Guild has increased its membership in the past few years due to the desire of foraging parties to increase their chances of survival Outside.

There are monthly contests of (nonlethal) fighting prowess, with an annual 4 day festival of combat that is held in The Arena. The festival attracts huge numbers of spectators.

The building is a fully enclosed hall painted red on the outside. The inner walls of the hall are covered by bleachers. There are changing rooms at opposite ends of the hall. There is enough room for 10 one-on-one fights to occur simultaneously. There is also a large cache of practice weapons and armor.

Several guild members are part-time weaponsmiths and armorsmiths. Weapons and armor are bought and sold at the guild. Only guild members are allowed to sell at the guild, though any Enclave citizen may buy arms & armor there. The guild takes a cut of all proceeds.

The Warriors' Guild is located conveniently near the Temple of Pelor and the Church of Yondalla. A cleric is usually at the guild during fighting contests. Covering healing spells is one of the guild's main expenses.

Many of the Enclave Watch are guild members. Most guild members are men, but there are several able and respected female members.

  • Training
    • A fighter may improve his/her skills according to standard rules (B292).
    • A few Guild members are skilled enough to be 'professional teachers' who give paid lessons.
    • Training is not available in exotic/unusual weapons, or in mounted combat.
    • Intensive training is seldom possible, since nearly all Guild members have other full-time jobs.
    • However, members of the Enclave Watch sometimes go through intensive training programs in the Warriors' Guildhall.