Thoughts on closed society

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Here are a couple of thoughts I had on the effects on the Enclave from being closed away from the rest of the world.

1. Materials, mainly metals would tend towards being more pure than usual due to recycling.

2. Magical learning would tend to be less than normal since no new information has been added to the system.

3. Some skills have been refined to a simple process, making them much easier to teach.

3a. Some important skills would have been degraded or lost entirely, due to insufficient population to have enough people interested/capable in everything important.

4. Magical students would feel a overwhelming urge to be among the adventurers, since the stories of the magical marvels of ages past that have been recorded would let them know exactly how much more there is out in the world.

5. Perhaps there's a faction who resists exploration & wants to continue holing up? Seems likely, given resistance to change by folks everywhere, and this is a BIG change...issues with this would depend on strength of leadership.

6. Some otherwise 'normal' things would seem extremely odd to people who have been living in the Enclave for generations: "Birds with 6 foot wingspans that eat rabbits? Small horses with tree branches sticking out of their heads? Bodies of water that you can't see across? Air moving fast enough to knock down trees? Who knew?"