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Craftspeople are respected in direct measure to their skill. Weavers, carpenters, blacksmiths, builders, cooks, mechanics, tailors, etc. are all common. Some of them partner with task mages to produce their goods with magical assistance.

Weaponsmiths are scarce. Most of them are part-time and sell their (sometimes poor-quality) wares through the Warriors' Guild. The only full-time weaponsmith/armorsmith all work exclusively for the Enclave Watch. This position is somewhat honorary as the workload is not great; however, by longstanding law there must be 2 full sets of serviceable weapons and armor (usually sword, bow & arrows, and studded leather, precise choice depending on the Watch member). This ensures that the Watch always has sufficient equipment to immediately equip a new hire, or to quickly expand its forces. Weapons from these smiths are given only to Watch members, or to other citizens (particularly foraging parties) at the discretion of the Enclave Council, although such arms are occasionally found on the black market.

Advanced armor tech (like plate mail, scale mail, or banded mail) is unknown or very poorly understood. Ring mail and chain mail are known but uncommon.