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Basic conventions

  • Skills/Spells with a level will be annotted as: Skill-16.
  • CP cost of an item will be included after the item in brackets as: Skill-16 [7].

New pages

  • Page names should not start with an article. That is to say do not start a new page name with the words "The", "An", "A", or the like. This helps in keeping categories and page sorting neat. If it is essential to the nature of the page to begin the name with an article include a statement like this at the end {{DEFAULTSORT:Arena, The}}. That will help the index pages display well.
  • Please use capitalization when creating new page titles. Capitalize all main words, but not linking words: for example, 'Good Idea', not 'Good idea'; 'Shops and Markets', not 'Shops and markets'. It will ease future linking if we are consistent.
  • New pages should have "__NOTOC__" at the head of the page to remove the Table of Contents. Should a page become long and unwieldy it can then have a TOC as needed or be split into separate pages.
    • An example of a page that benefits from the TOC is Halflings (and other Creatures pages).
      • The TOC is floated to the right. This allows text to flow around the TOC and not hog the top of the screen.
      • To float the TOC use the following markup: {{TOCRight}}


  • Capitalize the first word of the headings.
  • Only capitalize subsequent words if they are proper nouns or the heading includes multiple sentences.


  • When making reference to pages in the source material bold the text as per the GURPS books. (e.g. B126 for page 126 of the Basic Set)


  • Categories should be assigned to each page as is appropriate.
    • To add an article about a fellow named Grubwar you would add this to the bottom of the page: [[Category:People]]
  • A single page may be a member of several categories.
  • If you need to create a new category, please remember that category names should be plural. Multiple pages will be held within. The category refers to several items and should reflect this. If the category does not work as a plural, it may not be a good name for a category.
  • Category pages are not for content. They should have a brief description of what the category is. Do not use the category page for any substantial content. It is a sorting tool. Use transclusion from a content page to the header of a Category page to keep information consistent where possible.

Page modification

  • Minor Edits should be designated only in cases of punctuation updates, spelling errors, typo repair, or rephrasing existing content. ```Any``` new content voids use of Minor Edit!
  • When a page is modified, beyond fixing typographical/grammatical errors, please note the changes briefly in the Summary box at the bottom of the edit page.
  • Leave conjecture out of the main article. Any point in contention/question should remain in the discussion page until a basic resolution is reached.

Talk pages

  • Use the discussion pages of any given article to discuss significant or potentially controversial additions and changes to someone's creative work. This should include (but is not limited to) changing the direction of someone's work, or bringing up consistency ideas with regards to the setting as a whole.
  • Always sign your name after your comments. Use the four tildes ~~~~ wiki syntax.
  • Start new discussions at the top of the page.
  • Start a new discussion with a ==level 2 heading==.
  • Indent replies with colons : at the beginning of the line.

Wiki templates

  • Templates are a means to include text and formatting automatically within an article page
    • Here is an example:
The text below needs to be checked for consistency and added back into the main article.
This is not text that needs to be fit in the rest of this article. This is a demo of the refactor template. It was included by typing {{refactor|"The text above"}}

  • I will add templates as they become useful. I would like a TODO template and a few others. If you find need for one, create it, or leave a message on my talk page.

Character Sheets

Character sheets were more easily implemented through custom article CSS than they were through the use of templates. Data entry is also simplified through specialized software. I have used a combination of mediawiki extensions CSS and GeSHiCodeTag as well as the GURPS Character Sheet. Character Sheet Posting Instructions are here and will take you step by step towards making it so you can post your character sheet.

The GURPS Character Sheet does not seem to be under active development. I have purchased a copy of the GURPS character generation software. It has similar export capabilities, I will see if I can adapt that as well. For now GURPS Character Sheet does the job fine.