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Hail and well met! Welcome to our wiki for our RPG campaign. We are a group (or portion thereof) of folks moving from D&D 3.5 to GURPS 4E and we are bringing our campaign world with us. "Why?" you might ask. Because we want to. The which gaming system to use for what reasons is an argument that this wiki does not wish to tackle. What we will do here is use the wiki as a tool to better track the development of our world as we and our characters explore it more fully.

Within these pages we will describe the world as our characters see it. We will craft settings that our characters may never know, but have heard of and may or may not discover in their ventures.

Most of the pages will be editable by all. I will protect (close off) some pages when I consider them static(Character Sheets for example). New pages can be created on whim and should be peer reviewed. We can all add/correct details of any page. Until I get the edit help page filled out more, look here for details on wiki markup. Look online for Mediawiki markup language links on the specifics on editing these pages. I will also work on making templates as the need arises. Please use the Show preview button on the edit page prior to saving your work. This will allow you to review what you have done. This will save us in the long run from many small changes getting saved in the DB. I'd prefer to stay within the limits of my present hosting package to save cash. Please refer to the Style Guide for details on editorial preferences for consistency within this document.

The Main Menu off to the side is a good place to start exploring this wiki. When you get a feel for it and wish to add to it, feel free to do so.


All players are encouraged to contribute. Others may apply if they wish to participate remotely. I have had to disable account creation as the spam was getting to be more than I could manage. Simply email me with a request for an account and I can have you setup within minutes of reading your request. GM is the name and the suffix is @enclaverpg.org. Thank you for your interest!